Lawmakers demand removal of road obstructions

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Lawmakers demand removal of road obstructions

Lawmakers at the National Assembly taking part in discussion/File Photo.

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have said the government should be serious on repairing the roads obstructed due to landslide and flood and resume traffic.

Speaking in today’s National Assembly meeting, they shared that the landslide and flood following rainfall has affected people’s life.

Lawmaker Singh Bahadur Bishwokarma argued that problems have surfaced in movement of vehicles as landslides have taken place and the highway section has caved in due to rainfall for the past few days and the bodies concerned should pay attention as road accidents have been taking place due to this.

Stating that Karnali province has been facing problem of landslide and inundation, lawmaker Nanda Chapai pointed out the need of resolving problem by carrying out onsite study as lower coastal area is at the risk of inundation.

Similarly, another lawmaker Anita Devkota said citizens have been facing problems in lack of completion of Ghorahi-Tulasipur road section.

Likewise, Khimlal Devkota opined that outgoing mayor of Pokhara metropolitan city had reduced the minimum distance from the bank of Phewa Lake to 35 meters from 65 meters, adding construction of eight-nine storey building being constructed without taking permission should be stopped in Pokhara.

NA member Dil Kumari Rawal sought reason behind the participation of Army Chief though the government had decided not to be the part of state partnership program (SPP).

Lawmaker Prakash Pantha stressed that it is necessary to think about the students who fail to achieve good grade in SEE, saying the quality of education has decreased.

Similarly, Mahesh Kumar Mahara shared that the service recipients visiting Department of Passport have been facing problem in receiving service and have to pay extra amount to get the work done.


July 28th, 2022


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